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Service Availability Monitoring


Looking for an expert, professional NOC Design Consultant to design and build your Network Operations Center initiative?

Not all Monitoring Service Provider companies provide the same service. Many "MSP" services have little more than a computer performing ping and port checks and when something fails to respond in time, you get a page or e-mail. You don't have to get many 3 AM false outage pages before you understand the lack of value in this approach. With Vigilance®, we use agent based technology that runs on your equipment and sends back computer server health and well being messages that are viewed and assessed by actual Systems Administrator class NOC Techs in our Professionally Staffed 7x24x365 NOC. We are not a 7x24x365 ping/port check "MSP". Unlike the other guys, we (real people) proactively monitor your equipment and investigate all "suspicious" circumstances with the aim of resolving issues before they turn into outages. And even when we do need to call about a problem, you'll benefit because the situation will be fully investigated and isolated before we call. We call (and track down, if necessary) the correct source of solution only for verified problems you are having.

But, if all you want is a page when something goes down, we can do that too. You control all of the thresholds through a web accessible control panel which helps keep the false outage pages down to a minimum. You even get SLA reports! And if you decide later on that you want a fully monitored solution, it's an easy upgrade.

We offer an array of services that will provide as much or as little monitoring coverage as you need. The low end is "hardware health monitoring". Next is "Operating System health monitoring" followed by "Applications health monitoring" and finally "Service Availability" or "Enterprise" monitoring. These products build on one another. For example, if you need OS health monitoring, hardware health monitoring comes with it.

We also offer an array of choices as far as what happens when a fault is detected. We can send you a page or an e-mail. We can take steps to validate that the problem is real and then call you (or your repair vendor) to take action. Or, we can confirm that the failure is real and then correct it right from our Professionally Staffed 7x24x365 NOC. We can do as much or as little as you want. It's up to you!


Product Menu

We are extremely flexible about our monitoring options. Every Client needs a custom solution and providing those is what we do. Use the choices listed here as a guideline. But please allow us to listen to you, find out what you really need and then quote you a unique solution that meets your specific needs.

Hardware Health Monitoring:
Perform outbound SNMP, perfmon, rstatd, ssh and/or intelligent agent health monitoring. Receive and process asynchronous SNMP traps and messages from your servers and infrastructure equipment. An excellent basic health choice for Cisco, PIX, Frame Relay, ATM, switches, routers, Compaq Insight Manager, Web Servers, Exchange Servers, UNIX servers and similar equipment. Web accessible customer access to make minor monitoring changes (increase/decrease thresholds, etc) and to obtain performance and SLA reports.

Computer Server OS Health Monitoring:
Receive and process messages issued by intelligent agents running on your server. We support Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, MicrosoftServers, HP-UX, Linux, Novell Netware, DEC Tru64 and AS400. We can (but do not currently) support MVS. This product choice includes hardware health monitoring. This is a professionally monitored service with real Systems Administrators watching after your equipment 7x24x365.

Basic Computer Server Applications Health Monitoring:
Receive and process messages issued by intelligent agents running on your server. Check, stop or restart services, reboot, etc. (if possible), per customer instructions. We support Microsoft IIS, NT SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, DNS, Sendmail, Apache and more. This product choice includes hardware and OS health monitoring.

Advanced, Custom Application Health Monitoring:
For a modest development or procurement fee, we can develop or purchase agents, smart plug-ins and templates that dramatically increase the level of coverage offered by the basic monitoring tools that are provided by our vendor. No additional charge for monitoring once the templates/SPIs have been created/installed.

Web Site and Web Server Health Monitoring:
Verifies that your web site is returning pages and that various transaction capabilities are operating properly. Customer receives a password protected, web accessible reporting tool that provides lots of performance detail about their web server. This is an entry level product that does not include professionally staffed 7x24x365 NOC monitoring.

Computer Network Security Health Monitoring:
Monitors for denial of service (DoS), port scans, brute force password attacks and similar security crack, hack and breach attempts. Depending on your desires, we can immediately crush an attack remotely. We will also periodically scan your device for potential vulnerabilities (with your permission) and report the results to you. Requires OS health monitoring to implement in most cases.

Computer Network Enterprise Health Monitoring:
Professional staffed, 7x24x365 monitoring of the hardware, OS and application environment health of your servers and switch/routing infrastructure in an enterprise context. Allows you to add and subtract equipment at will without incurring additional charges. All monitored equipment must be in the same site, data center or campus to qualify at the enterprise rate. Additional cost (by quote, depending on your needs) for monitoring specific applications running in your enterprise.

SECURITY: Strong encryption VPN via a Cisco PIX firewall tunnel to our monitoring server available!
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Vigilance Service Availability Monitoring
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Vigilance Monitoring is a Division of Easyrider LAN Pro, established 1990.