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Vigilance Monitoring professional Network Operations Center NOC design solutions. Managed NOC implementation and support Service Provider (MSP)

Vigilance® Monitoring
Portland, Oregon
Customer Staffed Expertly Designed and Built
Network Operations Centers (NOC)

Enterprise health monitoring solution custom NOC designs

Vigilance Monitoring has a lot of experience designing and building NOCs for other people too.

Looking for a NOC Design Consultant?

Looking for a UNIX Systems Engineer or Admin?

Expert Network Operations Center development can be a daunting task. What monitoring software should be used? What type of server should it run on? What equipment should be monitored? What access rights should the NOC Techs have to the monitored equipment? What monitoring, troubleshooting, problem escalation and best practices policies and procedures should be put in place? Who will design the NOC? Who will build it? Who will take care of daily operational NOC maintenance? Who will manage The NOC Techs and adherence to procedure?

Building NOCs using even relatively inexpensive monitoring products such as HP Openview Operations are not trivial to design and deploy. And despite what Sales people will tell you, there is no monitoring product that is all things to all people. Vendor competitors would like you to think that their solution is the Holy Grail itself but the reality is that no matter what products you choose, the capabilities you will get will be far less than what you were expecting. And just the regular "care and feeding" of your monitoring environment once it's operational will be a far more involved, complicated, expensive and time consuming process than you ever imagined. So how do you avoid costly mistakes in the product selection, deployment and operational phases of your project?

Consider having some or all of your project handled by someone who has a lot of Professional NOCs under their belts already. And preferably, a Company that has no financial stake in the monitoring software solution purchase selection.

Vigilance Monitoring builds very high end, comprehensive Network Operations Centers using state of the art monitoring products such as NetIQ, BMC Patrol, HP Openview Operations, HP Network Node Manager NNM, IBM Tivoli, Nortel Optivity NMS, Cisco Ciscoworks, Sun Solstice SunNet Enterprise Manager, Micromuse, Computer Associates CA Unicenter, Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM), Microsoft Systems Management Server SMS and competitor software.

Vigilance Monitoring is not a software reseller or a VAR so we are free to recommend and use whatever monitoring solution is best for you, not just the products that we get commissions on. We are the only company in the whole wide World that we know of with over 15 years experience making a business out of designing, building and managing professional NOCs. We can identify, install, implement and manage just the right monitoring product(s) to fit your monitoring needs and IT budget.


What you'll get

Vigilance Monitoring can handle all phases of your project from A to Z or we can perform any part(s) of it that you want to outsource. Vigilance Monitoring can design, plan, architect, implement and maintain your entire monitoring infrastructure. We can install and configure the enterprise server, server agents, KM knowledge modules, SPI smart plug ins and all other required software on all devices to be monitored. Vigilance Monitoring can take care of all of the routine maintenance, "care and feeding", patch and upgrade installations and so on.

If desired. we can also baseline all of your monitored equipment or train your Techs how to do this. We can help recruit NOC Techs or train existing Employees to become professional NOC Techs. We can help with your Network Operations Center design as well as helping to develop operational policies and procedures for your NOC Techs to follow.

Once it's operational, Vigilance can manage your monitoring environment and can install patches, updates and so on as required. We can also modify alert threshhold settings, procedures and processes on an ongoing basis, or at your request. We are happy to do as much or as little of the day to day operational work as you like.


Network Operations Center NOC design Pricing

Pricing for these services are quoted after an initial consultation with the Client. Our pricing is completely dependant on how much or how little assistance you need with your NOC design and implementation project. These costs would depend on the degree of pre-deployment planning needed, the choice of monitoring software, the monitoring level of coverage desired, the number of devices to be monitored and the overall project complexity. It would also depend on how much on-going management and support is desired after the initial install.

As a general rule, Vigilance Monitoring will be substantially less than the cost to do it yourself (mistakes = big $$$). We are also way less expensive than VARs, Resellers and Vendor Consultants and in all modesty, we have a lot more experience building professional NOCs than most of those guys do. In most cases, a VAR will probably just farm your project out to an Independent Contractor who may or may not know what they are doing but will charge you $250 per hour for this "service".

Vigilance Monitoring will travel anywhere in the World to design and build your NOC. However, you can save some substantial $$$ if we do at least some of the development remotely.

We invite you to shop these prices and our capabilities. Building professional NOCs and monitoring computer and network equipment is what we do. It is not a sideline for us. We are confident that you won't find anyone even close to our competency level in the monitoring area and especially not at these prices.

Can't afford to build your own NOC even at our extremely low prices? Then look into our unattended high end server health monitoring or our professionally staffed enterprise Computer Server monitoring services at even lower prices! Our monitoring services start at $50 per month per server.


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