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Vigilance® Monitoring
Customer Service and Support without equal

Effective monitoring - not just a technology solution

A lot of IT Managers go wrong when they are led to believe that their "Business Continuity" problems will go away if they simply purchase enough monitoring software. After building 9 large, professional NOCs I can assure you that this perception just isn't so. Simply put, monitoring software just isn't smart enough to make the same kinds of value judgements that experienced Administrators do when a problem is detected. You can spend millions of dollars (literally) on all kinds of correllation tools and bell and whistle software and you still won't be much farther ahead than you were when all you had running was the basic agent reporting on the health of your servers. So what makes the difference between a mediocre NOC and a really good one? People!


Great Customer Service Claims - Reality or lip service?

No company I've ever heard of will actually admit that they have horrible customer service although many certainly do. In fact, most companies that have treated me badly are run by people who are well aware that this is going on ... and they don't care one bit. The higher you go in the management chain at these companies, the less responsive they are. Obviously, if the CEO isn't interested in the problems his employees are causing and doesn't care about taking care of customers, the lowly clerk or "support" person you're dealing with isn't going to either.

I'm sure you've experienced the same thing.

You'll hear things like: "We have [some huge number] customers in [some huge number] Countries and not one of them has every cmplained about anything in the [some huge number] years we've been in business!" ... whether these CEOs actually believe this baloney or not is debatable. But you, Mr or Ms Customer, need to run for your life!

There is a very well known, multi-national company that's into a lot of different markets including computer server monitoring. However even if they didn't charge way more than us for a much inferior product, we still wouldn't consider them to be competition. Why? Because they are well known Worldwide for having some of the worst customer service on the face of the Planet.

They spout out platitudes like "we strive to provide the best customer service possible" and "we care about your business and you as a customer", but their actions speak a lot louder than their hollow words.

As an example, after a full 7 Months, this same company has been unwilling/unable to put a cell phone in my hand that will actually work for more than a week at a time. When you call their Third World, so-called "customer care" line, you are greeted by unresponsive people who know about as much about cell phones as I know about brain surgery. If you ask to speak to someone else or to their supervisor, more often than not they will simply hang up on you. Of course you can always call back and spend the next 30 minutes on hold hoping you get someone slighly more helpful next time.

This situation got so intolerable that I finally contacted the CEO who apologized saying, "I'm sorry we're doing this to you". But so far, even this multi-billion dollar company CEO has been unable to put me in contact with someone in his organization who is willing and able to help me. A pretty stunning example of an organization that doesn't understand where their revenue comes from. Yes, I eventually fired them as a Vendor and took my business elsewhere... but what an expensive and painful lesson. Big is most certainly not always better. And in this case, perhaps if the company was smaller they would have actually cared a little about keeping my business!

Compared to monitoring your entire enterprise, keeping a $39 cell phone connected is, or at least ought to be a pretty trivial matter.

And just to be clear: I didn't leave because someone else gave me a better price or a free toaster for signing up. In fact, I didn't voluntarily leave at all. I was FORCED away by a company that made it clear they didn't want my business and convinced me that there was no hope of this situation improving in the forseeable future.

So... do you really want to let an imcompetent, unresponsive company like this monitor systems that are the life blood of your company? If so, you deserve whatever happens to you. But don't say you weren't warned.


Talk is cheap. Judge by what is done, not what is said

Here's the latest American Big Business Philosophy: Customers who complain too much just aren't worth having. There's plenty of dummies out there who will tolerate crap and pay their bills without complaint. Why work hard if you don't have to, right?

Ever been "fired" by a Vendor because they thought keeping you happy just wasn't worth their effort? Or because their product or service was so lousy that they knew they'd never be able to satisfy you even if they did put in the effort? We understand because we've been there too. Usually, the bigger the company is, the worse they are. And if they start telling you about all of the "Customer Satisfaction awards" they've won, run for your life!

All we can tell you is that we don't bust our butts to make Customers happy because it's easy. We do it because if our services aren't good enough to keep you happy at least most of the time, we aren't going to stay in business long. How the other guys can get away with extremely poor, unresponsive service and poor quality products is a total mystery to us. But we're not going to try doing things their way just to see if we can get away with it too!

Large Impersonal Organizations (or LIOs, as we say in the business) are not always the best bet especially if you have a problem, question or just need to speak with an actual person. Without excellent customer service, a Monitoring Service Provider (or any Vendor, for that matter) just doesn't have anything to offer.


Our commitment to you

If someone at Vigilance Monitoring treats you the way that these wireless service and "proactive server applications monitoring" guys treated me, two things will immediately happen. First, we will make it right. And second, the person who treated you without respect will find out what it's like to collect unemployment insurance. At Vigilance Monitoring, we have zero tolerance for anything less than exemplary customer service. Period.


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