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Vigilance® Monitoring
Professionally Staffed Enterprise Health Monitoring

Our high end, professionally staffed service availability monitoring solution

This is as good as it gets unless you build your own NOC.

Looking for an expert, professional, NOC Design Engineer to design and build your Network Operations Center initiative?

Professional Systems and Network Admin grade NOC Techs proactively monitoring all of your computing services in an enterprise context. Don't confuse this service with other so-called "proactive monitoring services". If they aren't using professional grade monitoring software and if the messages and alarms that come in aren't being evaluated by real NOC Techs in real time, it's not the same service that we are providing! Not only that, but we don't simply react to icons turning red by calling or paging someone - we will verify, troubleshoot and isolate all problems to the root cause before anyone gets called in the middle of the night. We then contact (track down if need be) the appropriate source of solution in your organization for that particular problem.

This is a very high end, comprehensive, managed monitoring service using BMC Software Patrol agent and knowledge module technology. Monitoring includes our NOC Techs becoming intimately familiar with our Client's IT operations and how all of their applications and computer service interdependencies are structured. We aren't monitoring individual boxes in a vacuum... we monitor the health of all IT computing services as well as all of the infrastructure "glue" that connects everything together.

We monitor all Operating system parameters, processes and log file entries. For a nominal additional cost, knowledge modules for most popular applications and databases can be added. We can also write custom monitoring knowledge modules if something is not already commercially available for an additional fee.

BMC Patrol has very powerful recovery action capabilities that allows our unpriviliged NOC Techs to restart/restore many failed services safely and automatically (with Customer approval).


What you'll get

Vigilance Monitoring will install agents, knowledge modules and other required software on all devices to be monitored. We will baseline all of your monitored equipment and any parameter that goes above or below those thresholds will be broght to the attention of our NOC for further investigation. We will also proactively monitor log file entries and process status. The NOC's response for any detected irregularities will be performed in accordance with our customer's instructions and procedures that we will mutually develop.

Warnings and alarms can be sent to pagers, e-mail addresses or to your own trouble ticket system. For serious issues needing immediate attention, we will track down and call the appropriate Customer IT Administrator. Alternately, we can provide a dedicated POP e-mail address and/or access to our fully featured trouble ticket system.

Vigilance will manage your monitoring environment and will install patches, updates and so on as required. We will also modify alert threshhold settings, procedures and processes any time, at your request. We are happy to meet with our Customers to debrief recent outages or to improve monitoring, reporting and escalation policies and procedures. Any less than optimal response by our NOC to a particular issue will be viewed by us as a training opportunity that will be implemented immediately.



Many "proactive monitoring service providers" use free or almost free monitoring software to deliver their service. It ought to go without saying that expensive, professional grade monitoring software is going to do a lot better job monitoring your environment than free, open source software will.

We are a BMC Software Service Provider Partner. We use or are licensed to use all of the PRODUCTS that BMC or their Partners provide.

Datasheet information for PATROL FOR UNIX . Specifications for other operating systems are similar.

You can find more details about Patrol and how we can deploy it to solve your business problems HERE.

And still more technical information about how Patrol can be deployed as a total monitoring solution can be found HERE.



Pricing for this service will be quoted after an initial consultation with the Client. Our pricing is somewhat dependant on how much or how little monitoring coverage a particular customer needs and wants. As a general rule, our monitoring fee will be substantially less than $400 per month, per server. For large enterprises, our monitoring fee would be around $250 per server.

We invite you to shop these prices. We are confident that you won't find anything even close to these capabilities at this price.

We support all operating systems including AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux and most other UNIX distros. We also support Netware, as400 and Microsoft servers. Knowledge modules for specific applications are available at an additional cost: Oracle, Informix, Ingres, Sybase, MS-SQL, Exchange, Domino, Websphere, Weblogic, webMethods, MQ, JDE, Peoplesoft, SAP, Siebel, Veritas proactive monitoring and more. We can also provide desktop monitoring support and job control monitoring if desired.

BMC Patrol supports a wide variety of "plug in" products that can significantly increase the monitoring level of coverage. We can provide these tools and services at a modest additional fee. And if you need something that isn't currently available from our Vendors, we can probably custom design something for you at our development rate of $250 per hour.

The only thing out there better than this service is a NOC that you operate yourself. And finding an Architect to build and manage it can be a real and expensive problem. Fortunately, Easyrider LAN Pro has been building professional NOCs since 1990 and we can build one for you too if you have the $200,000+ for software and the $25,000+ per month to staff it. We can also provide our "NOC in a box" offering which will save substantial software and equipment costs while giving you full operational control (and headaches) by using your own NOC Techs.

$250 per month is too much? Then look into our low end hardware health or unattended high end server health monitoring services at even lower prices! Our monitoring services start at $50 per month per server.


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