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Vigilance Monitoring professional software monitoring tools and NOC design solutions. Managed NOC implementation and support Service Provider (MSP)

Vigilance® Monitoring
- IT Commitment to Monitoring Effectiveness -
Professionally Designed and Managed Monitoring
Internal, usually unfunded, "free" monitoring projects

Jones's Law: If you spend all of your time fighting fires, you will spend all of your time fighting fires

Comments we hear:

We already do our own monitoring

We plan to do the monitoring ourselves

We don't need monitoring

We can't afford monitoring

If this describes your data center operation, welcome to the world of Unpredictable Chaos. This is Level Zero in the IT Management Process Maturity Model.

Is your mission to keep your network running reliably or to save a few bucks by using cut rate monitoring products?

Self monitoring is sort of like a Patient self medicating

Can you save money by not seeing a Doctor and by buying discount drugs over the Internet?

Absolutely! But is it worth your health and possibly your life to save a couple of bucks?

"Electing" one of your overworked Admins to investigate free monitoring tools and to install and maintain them is not going to solve the real IT problems you have!  

And unless the Admin you assign is REALLY inexpensive, your "free" monitoring exercise is likely to end up being a lot more expensive than we are!

Would you remove your own appendix if it would save you money?

Many Customers we've talked with are already doing some type of self monitoring using various free or almost free tools. You can certainly save some money going this route but for the most part, IT Organizations that have tried this have found the experience to be disappointing. Why?

Free monitoring software is worth every penny you paid for it. Monitoring your network with these types of tools is certainly better than nothing. But it is unreasonable to expect that these products are going to provide anything even close to the level of coverage and comprehensiveness that professional grade monitoring software does. 

FREE MONITORING: Worth every penny you paid for it!

Why are you considering monitoring in the first place.   

Is your key objective to "save money" or is it to keep your network up and running more reliably?  



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