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Peace of mind for less than $1 per hour! (several cents per hour, actually)
Our most expensive service offering is less than 35 cents per hour
What do you suppose one hour of down time costs your company?

We quote our proactive monitoring prices after an initial consultation with you.



Our secure, proactive, professionally staffed, 7x24x365 monitoring pricing depends on the number of servers and applications you want monitored, the size of the servers (# of CPUs) and the level of monitoring coverage you need.  As a guideline, our monthly monitoring fee would be less than $250 USD per month per server for a big enterprise up to several hundred dollars per month to monitor a single server.  Switch, routing and all other infrastructure device monitoring would be included in the quote.


If all you need is a notification when your server or site goes down, we can do that for the very competitive rate of $50 per month per server.  For this price, we will check an unlimited number of ports on one server every 5 minutes and will e-mail or page you if anything is unresponsive.  Feel free to shop this price!  We don't think you'll do any better.  And if you have several servers that need to be watched, we will monitor an unlimited number of ports on an unlimited number of devices (so long as they are all in the same data center) for $250 per month.

Note that it's a given that ping/port check tools are notorious for sending false alarm pages and our low end monitoring product is no different.  However, after evaluating literally hundreds of monitoring tools, we have implemented one that is extremely reliable for what it does.  This service is quite adequate for customers who only care when their system actually goes down and don't mind not having the alarms verified by one of our Techs before they are sent out.  This is very close to the same service that you'll find elsewhere for $100-$150 per server after doing a simple google search.

Our Data Center hardware health monitoring includes your own password protected web-accessible interface so that you can view reports and SLA information. 


And if you want really comprehensive unattended monitoring but don't care if the alarm conditions are verified before you are paged or e-mailed, we have a service we think you'll love for $150 ($250 for very large servers) per month per server. This choice utilizes the same professional grade, agent based monitoring tools that you get with our professionally staffed service. However with this service, the tools are configured to run unattended once we have baselined your servers. This is an extremely robust, reliable and proactive managed monitoring service that can operate independently or in conjunction with our "NOC in the box" service. Comprehensive applications and database monitoring can be included for a small incremental price.

Our company focus is secure, proactive, highly customizable, agent based, professionally staffed monitoring that is intended to identify and correct problems before they turn into outages.  If your IT organization is charged with delivering 5 9's uptime SLAs, you can't get there without this type of monitoring.  

Vigilance Monitoring offers a wide variety of high quality computer server health monitoring options that will meet the needs of the biggest or smallest data centers.

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Vigilance Monitoring is a Division of Easyrider LAN Pro, established 1990.