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Vigilance® Monitoring
Predetermined Event Response Modeling

PERM - What is it?

Airline Pilots don't just climb into a Boeing 747 full of people and fly off to their destination. Before anything like that can happen, there are many, many hours spent in flight simulators. Pilots are safely trained how to handle virtually any situation they might encounter in the cockpit during an actual flight without ever leaving the ground. Really good training involves exposing the student to every possible failure scenario, however unlikely, and working through a successful conclusion before the actual event occurs. This is the philosophy behind our exclusive Vigilance Monitoring Predetermined Event Response Modeling (PERM).

How does PERM work?

With our professional monitoring tools, we are able to create exotic, realistic and extremely detailed failure simulations on any piece of equipment that we monitor. These simulations in no way effect the actual operation of the equipment being monitored by us. However, these simulations look so real that we pop-up simulation in progress messages on the NOC Tech's screens and we let our customers know in advance just so that they won't accidentally turn into an Orson Wells "War of the Worlds" scare.


A Vigilance Monitoring exclusive

We don't know of any Monitoring Service Provider in the World that is doing anything like this. In our opinion, PERM is a key differentiator and underscores our commitment to work closely with Customer Administrators to ensure that IT Operations continue smoothly.

The PERM Value Proposition

Among other things, these types of simulations are hugely important in assuring that customer events are properly noticed, troubleshot, verified, isolated, corrected or escalated in a 100% totally safe environment and in accordance with Customer instructions. In a nutshell, Customer Administrators tell us about the symptoms and signatures of various failures they have seen in the past and we program them in as training simulations for our Techs. Alternately, if an actual event occurs that Vigilance does not handle optimally, the entire event and all of it's permutations can be programmed in as training exercises to ensure constant improvement in our monitoring deliverables.

We also do a lot of ongoing "generic" training creating various routine fault simulations and then watching to see how the NOC Tech deals with the issue.

If your current monitoring service provider isn't doing something like this and just sends you pages and e-mail at 3 AM when your server dies, you may want to talk with us. There is no extra charge for this service, of course.


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