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Vigilance® Monitoring
Unattended, Professional Hardware Health Monitoring

A very inexpensive, effective monitoring service solution

This is our low end ping/port check service. It is similar in scope to what you'll find advertised on the Internet for $100 or more. Most of those services use free or nearly free software that's running on a PC in someone's garage. Our offering is "slightly" more professional.

We've done a lot of investigation and testing to find a UNIX-based solution that is effective, comprehensive and reliable. The tool we have selected is not prone to frequent false alarms like most of the other software of this type seems to be.

And unlike those other services, for a nominal additional cost, our NOC can receive and take action on outage alerts that are generated. For example, if our Hardware LAN Monitoring service is monitoring your Frame Relay connections, our NOC can call your Telco and enter a trouble ticket for you when a circuit goes down.

This is a great monitoring choice for web sites, routers, WAN connetions or any situation where proactive monitoring is not needed.


What you'll get

Vigilance Monitoring will test an unlimited number of TCP ports on each monitored device every 5 minutes. Outage alarms can be sent to pagers, e-mail addresses or to your own trouble ticket system.

Alarms can also be sent to our NOC where they will be verified by actual Technicians before anyone is paged or called.

We will work with your trouble ticket system or we can provide a dedicated POP e-mail address and/or access to our fully featured trouble ticket system. Vigilance will manage your monitoring environment and will install patches, updates and so on as required. We will also add or remove monitored ports at your request.

Data center monitoring includes a password protected, web accessible user interface for viewing the status of all devices and ports being monitored.

This is a whale of a deal for the money!



SINGLE DEVICE: $50 per month, per server or device. $50 setup fee per server. Attended monitoring sold in bundles of 10

DATA CENTER MONITORING: $250 per month/$250 setup for an unlimited number of devices in the same data center. (pager and e-mail notifications only).

We invite you to shop this price. We are confident that you won't find anything even close to these capabilities at this price. And should you decide that you really need a more comprehensive monitoring solution later on, we can easily provide it!

We support all operating systems and TCP/IP devices including Cisco, UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft. We can also handle incoming SNMP traps from your devices to our NOC for an additional cost.

$50 per month is too much? Consider this: our service won't have to reduce the downtime on your equipment very often in a year's time before it more than pays for itself!


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Vigilance Monitoring is a Division of Easyrider LAN Pro, established 1990.