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Vigilance Monitoring - Computer Server Monitoring Survey

Vigilance Monitoring

A sample of our "competition"

As we often say, not all MSPs are alike....

This is a recent solicitation that showed up in our mailbox on 9/11/2006 of all things. You decide whether they are in the same business we are.

Sept 11, 2006.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Newline International, a Network Monitoring service provider.

Based in India, Newline International provides Network Monitoring on a Ping and Page basis to Network Service Providers in USA, during USA night time hours, corresponding to India day time hours.

Service Details:

- To continuously monitor the Current Network Status, Hosts Groups, Hosts Status and Service Status and Status Summary For All Hosts Groups.

- To promptly notify and alert the Technical Systems Department in USA whenever the Host Groups or Servers are critical, down and before outage occurs.

We are experienced in monitoring the following Servers:

- Current Project Details:

Web and Proxy Servers, Application Servers, Cluster Database Servers, Database Application Servers, Database Server, IMS Server, Miscellaneous-Application Servers, NMS Servers, Networking Hardware, QAR Verifier, SSO-Web Servers, Support Servers, Web & Proxy Servers.

- Previous Projects Details:

Station Provisioner, Exception In-flight 959, Spot Error, Admin Service, Content Puller, Flight Server, Flight Scheduler, Chain D, MC Collector Fatal, MC Collector Critical, Script Transformer, Radio Ads, Audio Server, IMS, Problem Alert & Recovery, Back-up, NAS.

Payment Rate: Negotiable. USDXXXX per Month per 100 Servers.
Payment Terms: Bi-Weekly.
Payment Method: International Money Order or direct Wire Transfer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms.Safia Akhtar,
Director, Business Development,
Newline International

Tel: 0091-9444142261
Office Address:
7/904, II Floor, 17th Street, J Block,
Annanagar West, Chennai – 600040. INDIA.

VM> A follow up on their pricing produced this response:

Kindly rest assured, we will provide the best service for your remote monitoring needs, between 9pm PST to 7am PST for seven days a week.

The hourly rate is set at USD6.00 per 100 servers. That is a total of 70 hours a week. We will invoice you every two weeks for 140 hours.

VM> That's a price of nearly $4,500 per month (if they ever decide to monitor 7x24x365) to spray out pages every time your server happens to be a little slow responding to a ping that originates in India! Wow!

Our cost is 7 cents per hour per server for ATTENDED monitoring, which means real people talking to real people and no false alarm pages to you. And our monitoring is 7x24x365, not 10 hours a day...

A follow up to find out what kind of monitoring software returned the response that WE have to provide the software!!!! Such a deal for $1,800 per month....

Dear Sir,

As kindly advised, we work exclusively on a 'ping and page' basis. We utilise Internet Explorer and Mozilla on Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS.

Consequently the network monitoring original software with the corresponding version, to be utilised for monitoring your servers along with the parameters for 'alerts and ignore' will have to be provided by you.

Also you have to provide us with the URL address, username and password, to access and monitor the current network status of your servers

VM> Note the Yahoo Spammer reply address. They do have a "web site". We're not going to provide them with a link here but it's if you want to see for yourself

You can see that their main business is exporting such high tech items as women's T-shirts and fertilizer.

These guys are actually pretty typical of many of the ping, port check and false alarm pages at 3 AM "Network Monitoring" MSP companies that are out there.

Compare this offering to our $50 per month, per server hardware "low end" attended monitoring and decide for yourself which is the better utilization of your IT dollars (or Pounds, or Deutschmarks, or whatever..)


Vigilance Monitoring is a Division of Easyrider LAN Pro, established 1990.