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Vigilance® Monitoring
About Us

Reasons you should consider Vigilance as your Monitoring Service Provider

Competence: Vigilance Monitoring is an innovator in the professional computer server, applications and network monitoring business. There are very few companies in the World that even come close to providing the service that we do. Look over our web site. Compare our features and services with anyone else you may be talking to and see for yourself. The fact that many of our competitors are starting to use our buzzwords and initiatives in their own marketing material speaks for itself.

Easyrider LAN Pro has been designing, building and running professional NOCs since 1990. In fact, we've been leaders in early remote systems management techniques long before the term NOC came into existence. How long have the other self-proclaimed experts been at it?

Price: For about what the low end monitoring folks will charge you for a ping/port check every 5 minutes and a page at 3 am when your server goes down, Vigilance Monitoring will provide you with the professional, proactive service availability monitoring that you want and need.

Professional grade: Everything about Vigilance Monitoring is professional. We are using high end, expensive, best there is monitoring software tools, not free or nearly free open source or freeware. Smart Technicians who know how things work are sitting in front of monitoring stations 7x24x365. They evaluate messages and suspicious system symptoms for their entire shift, they do not just sit around reading magazines waiting for icons to turn red.

Superior Customer Service: You probably already know what really bad service feels like. There is a huge, multi-National company that dabbles in computer monitoring that is known globally for having some of the worst customer service on the Planet. That's just not the way that we operate. Without happy customers, we have nothing to offer, and we know it. Any Vigilance Monitoring Employee would expect to be instantly fired if they treated a customer as anything other than valued and respected. It's a business practice that does not need to be enforced here. People who don't think this way just don't work here. They work for the other guy.

Vigilance Monitoring is a small, locally operated Employer. Computer monitoring is what we do: While we already monitor equipment on three Continents, our business is focused on the Pacfic Northwest. We are small enough to actually care if each and every customer is happy. And if there are problems, we can have a source of solution who is technically competent and empowered to commit in your office within 24 hours. Try getting someone to come by after the sale to discuss operational problems face to face from these other outfits. In the computer server monitoring business, bigger is most certainly not better when it comes to being committed to responsive customer service.

Not all Monitoring Service Providers are the same

Don't bet your career on the wrong Monitoring Service Provider!


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Vigilance Monitoring is a Division of Easyrider LAN Pro, established 1990.