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Portland, Oregon - Established 1990

Easyrider LAN Pro is a Portland, Oregon Computer Network Engineering and outsourced UNIX Administration Consulting company. We do complete, ground up network and NOC designs and builds, implementations, upgrades, conversions, baselining, support and problem solving. We can travel to your job site to work on your project or you can save a pile of money by having some of the development work done remotely. Our rates are extremely competitive and unlike some others, we have quite a few NOC designs under our belts already.

Easyrider LAN Pro owns and operates Vigilance Monitoring, a professionally staffed, proactive computer server, applications and network monitoring company.

We can use sniffers and other tools to audit sites, measure traffic patterns, identify bottlenecks and recommend improvements.  We can use our professional monitoring tools to baseline your equipment and do capacity planning for future growth.

Network security is a big focus for Easyrider LAN Pro.  Every network we have looked at in recent years has had gaping security holes that were just begging to be exploited!  If you don't have an active, aggressive security plan already in place, you need to talk to us.  We have a great deal of experience with intrusion detection systems (IDS), firewalls and security "best practices" as well as hack prevention, denial of service (DoS) and virus prevention methods.  Let us tighten up your network before you get hacked (again)!

Enterprise Security for the non-Technical Office Worker
Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

This is a one hour seminar geared towards non-IT Office Staff who use company computers. As you probably know, lack of User knowledge is the number one cause of successful hack attempts. Most IT organizations simply don't have the time or the resources to develop and deliver the training needed to secure this major vulnerability in their computing environment. Considering that a successful hack can cost many thousands of $$$ and several days to clean up, we believe that you'll agree that the nominal cost for our seminars will be well worth the money.

Contact us to schedule a brown bag seminar at your Portland/Vancouver area facility right now!

Easyrider LAN Pro is experienced with UNIX (Solaris, HPUX, Linux, AIX, etc.) and Microsoft server administration.

Easyrider LAN Pro builds proactive network and computer server management systems that will greatly improve the productivity of your Support Team and Helpdesk Staff.  We know how to design, implement, staff and manage professional Network Operations Centers (NOC) using monitoring products such as HP Openview Operations, Network Node Manager, IBM Tivoli, Netview, BMC Patrol, Sun Solstice Enterprise Manager, Nortel Networks Optivity, Ciscoworks and many others. SNMP and agent technology is spoken here!

It's not all work and no play with us!  Easyrider LAN Pro is serious Biker country. The Prez and his associates are big V-Twin fans. When we aren't busy solving horrible problems we are in the wind searching for America. Even if you don't need our consulting services we are always happy to talk about touring or about motorcycles in general.

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